School Uniform

One of the things the school is proud of is the school uniform. We have a strict uniform policy and all our pupils adhere to the rules.

All of our uniform items can be purchased or ordered online from Beat, the uniform shop in Hitchin and we also have our own Uniform Shed where we sell high quality second hand uniform. This is run by parents and is open at various times across the week. Please contact the school office for opening times.

Uniform Shed


  • White or grey shirt
  • Classic styled grey trousers or shorts (not cut offs or combats)
  • Red tie – KS1
  • Grey & red striped tie – KS2
  • Black or grey shoes (not trainers)
  • Red jumper
  • Dark socks


  • White blouse / shirt
  • Grey skirt or pinafore dress
  • Red cardigan / jumper
  • Tie (optional)
  • Shoes / sandals (no raised heels or soles, must have a strap to secure fastening)
  • Dress in red and white check in conventional school style
  • Classic styled grey trousers (optional)
  • White socks – not trainer socks

The wearing of jeans is not allowed.


Hair should be clean and neat and cut in a reasonable style. ‘Hi-fashion’ styles are not allowed. All children with hair longer than shoulder length should have their hair tied back for health and safety reasons and children should use an alice band or equivalent if their hair is obstructing them from fully accessing written work. Hairbands should be plain and in the school colours.

PE Kit

Indoor PE kit should include shorts and short sleeved t-shirt in red and/or white. Plimsolls are needed for walking to and from the hall and certain activities. This should be kept in a small drawstring bag.

The children will be going outside whenever possible for Games’ lessons and therefore, need a complete change of clothing. Children in Key Stage 1 need tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt. They need a change of socks and trainers, plimsolls are used for indoor lessons. Children in Key Stage 2 require a tracksuit. They also need a change of socks and trainers. All of this outdoor kit should be in school colours, but we include black as this is relatively easy to purchase. The children will work outside in cold and damp weather so these items of clothing need to be warm and they need to fit. If pupils are going out representing the school they will be expected to wear appropriate clothing. We do sell school sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms which would be ideal.

Name everything

All possessions, especially clothes and shoes, MUST be clearly marked with the owner’s name. This is vital. It is impossible for items without a name to be returned to the children and it wastes an enormous amount of our time.


A polyester/PU coated nylon art shirt is required for art activities. Elastic in the cuffs is advisable with Velcro fastening on the back.


The Health & Safety advice to all schools is that NO body jewellery should be allowed in school because of the inherent dangers to personal safety and also the safety of others. The medical advice to us is that pierced ears are perfectly safe to be left, without earrings, during the day and can be fitted with them on return home.

We have taken a series of photographs to show clearly what is expected with school uniform. All items of uniform can be bought through the school’s uniform shed where they hold a great range of second hand stock. Prices are competitive and all cardigans and jumpers will have the school logo on them.

If you have any questions regarding the School uniform, please come in and speak the office staff.