How We Communicate To Parents

The school uses a number of different ways to communicate to parents.


This is for immediate notifications for things like school trip timings and cancellations but it is also used for showcasing events that are happening in school. We would urge all parents to sign on to Twitter, we have a protected site and you can turn off notifications!

Sims Parent Lite

This is to be used by you to update details about yourself or your child. It is essential we have up to date phone numbers and contact details in case we need to contact you about your child. Please make sure you have downloaded the app and that you keep it up to date.

School Comms / Gateway

This is used for making payments for school trips, school dinners and other monies needed. We also send all letters and Newsletters via this system.

Parents Evening System

This is used for parents’ evening bookings and for booking tickets to our summer and Christmas shows.