Governor Meetings Attendance Record

The School Governors meet twice each term as a full Governing Body. Between times, smaller committees meet, focusing on the details of specific areas.

Details of the members of each committee and their attendance at meetings can be found below.

Full Governing Body

 Sep 19Nov 19Jan 20Mar 20May 20Jun 20
Nina AchalN/aYYCancelled
Ian AlbertYNNCancelled
Jane BuchananYNNCancelled
Bob ChohanYYYCancelled
Mary DriverYYYCancelled
Andrew FennemoreYYYCancelled
Ian HankinYYYCancelled
Anna JacksonYYYCancelled
Ann LightYYYCancelled
Perry MaranianYYYCancelled
David MasseyYYYCancelled
Funda ShibliYYYCancelled
Jack WellsYYNCancelled
Victoria WheatYYYCancelled
Alison WoodYYNCancelled

Finance Committee

 Sep 19Nov 19Feb 20Mar 20Apr 20 
Nina AchalN/aYYN/a
Jane BuchananYYNN/a
Bob ChohanYYYN/a
Mary DriverYYYN/a
Ian HankinYYYN/a
David MasseyN/aYYN/a
Karen MasseyYYYN/a
Funda ShibliYYYN/a
Victoria WheatYYYN/a

Learning And Teaching Committee

 Oct 19Nov 19Mar 20Jun 20  
Nina AchalYYY
Mary DriverYYY
Andrew FennemoreYNY
Anna JacksonYYY
Ann LightYYY
Perry MaranianYYY
Funda ShibliYYY
Victoria WheatYYY
Alison WoodYYN

Personnel Committee

 Oct 19Nov 19Mar 20Jun 20  
Ian AlbertYN/aY
Jane BuchananyN/aN
Mary DriverYN/aY
Andrew FennemoreYN/aY
Ian HankinYN/aY
David MasseyYN/aY
Funda ShibliYN/aY

Premises Committee

 Sep 19Nov 19Mar 20   
Nina AchalN/aY
Jane BuchananYY
Bob ChohanYY
Mary DriverYY
Ian HankinYY
Funda ShibliYY
Jack WellsYY
Peter CarmodyYY