The School Day

School times are as follows

Start of the DayEnd of the DayGate to use
Reception8:453:20Gate 6
Year 18:453:20In: Gate 4
Out: Door at back of classrooms
Year 28.453:20Gate 4
Year 3 8:453:20Gate 3
Year 48.453:20Gate 3
Year 58.453:20Gate 1 or 6
Year 68.453.20Gate 1 or 6

A normal school day is as follows

8:35amSchool gates open
8:45amBell goes and Years 2 – 6 lead into class
9:55am – 10.15amAssembly
10:15am – 10:35amBreak
12:05pm – 1:10pmLunch
3:20pmSchool ends

Reception and Key Stage 1 have a few additional items in their schedule that are described further below.

Start of the day

The school gates open at 8.35am and children can come into the playground from that time. In Reception, the classroom doors also open at 8.45 and the children can come in to get themselves organised for the day and to have some time for free play.

The bell goes at 8.45am and all children from Year 2 to Year 6 line up in the class groups. Their teachers meet them on the playground and they take it in turns to walk into school. In Reception, at about 9.10am, music is switched on and the children know this as the signal to stop playing and tidy away.

From Years 1 – 6, the children come into school, hang up their coats and sort out their bags. The younger children will sit on the carpet and might have an activity to do whilst the older ones go to their places and have some kind of morning work whilst the register is taken. In Reception, once the room is tidy, the children all sit on the carpet for the register to be taken and to do other morning activities like the date and the weather. They begin their lessons with a carpet activity, which leads into the main teaching. Many of the classes take the register in different languages which all the children enjoy!


There is an assembly every day. On a Monday, it is for the whole school at 9.55am. On a Tuesday, we have an assembly in the classroom. Some Wednesdays are class assemblies and the last Wednesday in every month is Well-Being Wednesday. Thursday is our Leaves’ and Achievers’ Assembly for everyone at 9.55am and Friday is our singing assembly which alternates between the key stages. Reception come to some of these assemblies once they have settled into school..


Morning Lessons

Usually, the morning lessons are either Maths or English. The children consolidate previous learning and learn something new. Many of the year group classes stream their children into ability groups for Maths, which helps us to cater for the individual needs of our children. Knowledge and understanding is demonstrated through independent work.

Morning Break

During morning break time, there are four different playground areas and these are split between the year groups, with a safe fenced area for Reception. The children are encouraged to play games with the equipment provided and many of the older children enjoy taking on extra responsibility by playing and looking after the younger children. This buddy system forms strong bonds within school.

After break time, there are two lessons: one of 60 minutes and one of 30 mins. Some classes choose P.E. for the shorter session, but it could be used for phonics or spelling depending on the age of the children.

In Reception, the lessons tend to be shorter and there is opportunity for the pupils to take part in more active learning, making use of outdoor facilities and space. They have snack time and a slightly longer break.


Lunch begins at 12.05pm where the majority of our children enjoy school dinners. There is a rota for when they go into lunch. Reception always go in first as they tend to take longer to eat their dinner! Year groups are called in a class at a time and they have the dinner they have previously ordered online, or the packed lunch they have brought in from home.

Afternoon Lessons

Lunchtime ends at 1.10pm when a bell is rung and the children line up again. There is time for two lessons in the afternoon when teachers will choose either Computing, PE, History, Science, or any one of the foundation subjects.

Key Stage 1 have a 10 minute break in the afternoon but as the children move into Key Stage 2, this is stopped.

End of the day

Our school day ends at 3.20pm. Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils are handed over to parents at the classroom door or the school gate. The children in Key Stage 2 are allowed to leave by themselves and either meet parents at the school gate or in Year 5 & 6 they are allowed to walk home alone. Monday to Thursday there are extra curricular activities run by school staff for different year groups, some of which incur a small charge. These are dependent on the goodwill of the staff who run them and should never be considered as childcare.