Our Aims

Our aim is that every child will develop according to their individual potential in all areas of both the national and the wider curriculum.

Alongside academic knowledge and skills, we teach the children to communicate effectively and to grow into kind, empathetic and resilient members of the community.

We aim to provide a learning environment that promotes self-motivation and builds self-esteem.

We are a Values Based School which means that we recognise the important values in life; we present and work on them with all children to encourage their development as compassionate, caring and responsible members of the community.

We expect all children to work hard and give their best effort in every aspect of school life.

We have four rules within school: Respect, Effort, Kindness and Safety and these are used to promote the aims of the school in the following way:

  • By helping children to develop lively and enquiring minds and the ability to question and research
  • By developing the resilience, self-confidence and self-discipline to apply themselves to the tasks and demands of life, within and outside of school
  • By creating a secure and supportive environment, within which, the children and their learning will flourish
  • By developing creativity and encouraging participation in the wider curriculum with learning outside of the classroom and involvement in a wide range of activities, including sports and the performing arts
  • By providing a healthy environment for minds and bodies
  • By promoting the enjoyment of learning in an exciting atmosphere, which takes account of individual needs
  • By promoting friendship, co-operation and mutual understanding amongst all members of the school community
  • By fostering a strong partnership between parents, the school and the wider community
  • By offering a broad and balanced curriculum which will foster high expectations of all pupils
  • By giving equal opportunities to all children to enjoy success in their achievements
  • By helping children to grow into independent, resilient, kind and respectful members of the community
  • By encouraging children to be environmentally aware and to take responsibility for the environment

Our school ethos is fully embedded in our school motto: ‘Work and Respect.’ We set high expectations for learning, behaviour, play and social development. We believe that excellence is achieved when children are motivated to attain the highest standards of which they are capable, in a climate of caring support.