Busy sewing bees!

Last term in DT, Year 6 worked on their sewing skills. We looked at examples of cushion covers and thought about the appearance and function of each one. We assessed different fabrics and learnt how to sew using different techniques. We then had the chance to design and make our own cushion cover, putting our … Read more

Potty about painting

Year 6 are looking at Watercolour paint in Art this term. Last week we starting by trying out different techniques. This week we have been using these different techniques, as well as mixing colours, to paint trees. We hope you agree they are simply stunning!

Year 6 Science

Continuing our topic of ‘Evolution and Inheritance’, Year 6 had another visit from the Science team at HGS recently to test the theory that animals adapt to their environment and that certain traits or behaviours may be inherited. We used maggots to try to prove this, although you could try the same at home in … Read more

Survival of the fittest!

In Year 6 Science, we are currently learning all about Evolution and Inheritance. Recently, we found out about adaptation and the idea of ‘Survival of the fittest’. We learnt about Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and the work he did studying finches in the Galapagos Islands. This week in our Science lesson, Chestnut class have … Read more

Let’s get physical!

In PE this half term, Year 6 are mastering their gymnastics skills. This week they worked on balancing on different body parts and trying to hold the balance for 3 seconds or more. They then showed off their rolling skills, demonstrating different types of roll, whilst maintaining tension and control. The children then had to … Read more

Y6 dissect owl pellets!

We were lucky enough to be joined by a science teacher from HGS in Year 6 last week, to help us with our learning on ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’. We created a food web for a barn owl to show what it may eat or be eaten by! We also looked at a taxidermy … Read more

Summer Holiday Homework

The summer holidays may seem like a distant memory now, but we’ve enjoyed sharing our Holiday Homework in Year 6 over the last few weeks. We’ve had collages, PowerPoints, postcards and more, but we just had to share Theo’s stop-motion animation holiday homework submission (which he received achiever for today and the children enjoyed in … Read more

Year 6 School Journey

Year 6 School Journey to Kingswood – by Margot and Georgie On Wednesday 28 June, the Year 6’s set off on a coach to Kingswood (a residential centre). Sadly, we weren’t able to go to Wales this year due to Covid regulations but we all had a great time in Norfolk. Day 1: On arrival, … Read more

Year 6 visit to Kingswood

Year 6 School Journey – by Faith and Rowan.  Year 6 School Journey Despite missing the opportunity of going to Wales like previous years, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we had to alter our plans – yet we still had a fabulous experience at Kingswood Norfolk. Day 1 On the 28th of June 2021 all … Read more

Forces in action.

In Year 5 and 6 recently, the children have been learning all about forces. Our topic has centred around the idea of a theme park called ‘Forceland’. The children thought carefully about the forces in action on a ‘Bungee Jump’ and ‘Rolling car ride’. We carried out a number of investigations to find the best … Read more