A win for both teams against St Andrews!

Both teams braved the cold this evening to play a fixture against St Andrews in a competitive game from both teams.

The B-Team made a confident start to their game. They passed the ball quickly yet accurately, ensuring passes went to the player or into space to be run on to. Phoebe captained the team well, ensuring players were in the correct position as well as being encouraging at times when the ball was lost. Tegan worked confidently across the court, calling for the ball as well as slowing the play down to ensure posession was maintained. Kayleigh defended the ball well, making many interceptions and moved across the court quickly to help the speed of play. At the half-time whistle it was a close score with William Ransom leading 3-2. 

The A-team also had an extremely confident start to the game. The game was played at speed, with long passes being made across the court. The ball was defended well by both teams and accurate shots were made. Carys worked well to intercept passes and Erica moved quickly around the court, running after the ball at speed to ensure it was kept on court. When playing GS or GA, all team players took their time to ensure shots were as accurate as could be. 

Both teams played strongly across the whole match with the final scores being 9-3 to the A-Team and 7-4. All girls played well, showing teamwork skills as well as taken responsibility for different areas of the court to ensure they maintained possession. 

It was an excellent fixture for all involved! Well done girls!