Awesome Axes

Elm and Maple class have been learning all about life in the Stone Age. We discovered that Stone Age people were very clever and made lots of tools out of stone and wood. In our Art lessons, we have been studying 3D modelling using a range of media, including clay and papier maché. We decided to combine our modelling skills and our knowledge of the Stone Age to make our own Stone Age axes.

We made the axe head from a clump of papier maché which we then covered with more papier maché to give it shape and strength. The handle was crafted from a roll of paper, covered in more papier maché. Once the two parts had dried, we joined them together by making a cleft in the top of the handle, slotting the axe head inside, and joining the cleft with strips of papier maché. We then painted our axes and finished off by binding the pieces with twine for extra strength.

We think our Stone Age axes look very effective and that we look very fierce!