Beech and Lime World Book Day – Thursday 4th March

World Book Day 2021

We would like you to have an enjoyable day today immersing yourself in all things connected to books!

Mrs Driver has prepared a special assembly for you to watch at 9.30 a.m. This will be available on the school website.

On Google Classrooms, we’ve posted Episode 9 of The Wind in the Willows for you to listen to.

Listed below are a selection of book themed activities for you to explore:

Escape the Library (Solve the Maths and SPAG challenges to unlock the padlock)

Design a Book Jacket template – This if for a new Y4 display so please bring your design in on Monday 8th. Look at real book jackets for ideas then have a go at re-designing a cover for one of your favourites that you would recommend to other Year 4s.  Front Cover needs to go on the right, spine in the middle, Back Cover on left for blurb/barcode/reviews etc.

Anagrams Powerpoint – Can you solve the anagrams to reveal a book-related word? Clues will start to appear after 20 seconds…

Crossword – solve the clues and spell out the answers on the grid.

Scavenger Hunt – raid your bookshelves to find the items listed and note down the book title, page number and whether the item is a word/picture or both.

Top 5 – select your favourite books, characters, authors, illustrators.

Character A to Z – a bit of handwriting practice! Can you complete the challenge of listing a book character whose name begins with each letter of the alphabet? (Amelia Fang, Bilbo Baggins, Charlie Bucket…)

Make a Book – You will find the instructions on the World Book Day website to fold an A4 piece of paper into a mini-booklet. You could write a short story, poems or facts and illustrate.

I’ve made packs of worksheets and left these in the School Entrance if you would prefer to collect one.

There are loads of activities to download and print on the official World Book Day website – go and explore!  Select the Schools/Nurseries tab and choose Primary Resources from the drop down menu. There are also audio books to listen to, live events to watch and competitions to enter.

Zoom Call – dress up or accessorise as a character, bring your favourite books along and take part in games and quizzes!

The staff have prepared an extra challenge for you: The Masked Reader – can you work out who’s behind the mask reading the story?

Have a great day!