Beech Home Learning 18th-22nd May

Dear Parents/Guardians and Children,

We’ve nearly made it to half term! Thank you to all of you who have sent me emails and pictures so far, it’s been lovely to hear from you and I hope you’ve found a way to stay in touch with each other too. Here is your work for this week…

Maths: Whiterose lessons, My Maths and/or the Movie Murder Mystery. I’m setting the My Maths tasks this week to match the murder mystery activity, rather than lining them up with Whiterose. You don’t have to do these, but the lessons may help you solve some of the clues., so you could just do the practise and not the questions if you’d like. There are six clues to solve so you may choose to do two one day or do the sixth one in half term. You can still find the answer if you work out of order so maybe choose the ones you find easiest first and don’t forget to check all the answers, don’t just work out one and assume it’s correct. Some of them are quite tricky so if you change your mind you can go back to Whiterose instead. Here are some tips/reminders to help with each clue…

  1. When multiplying/dividing by 10, 100 or 1000, think about which way the numbers are moving and how many times. Draw out a place value chart to help you.
  2. Short multiplication will help you here. If you have to find a fraction of a number, divide it by the bottom and times by the top. Remember 0.5 = a half so when you times 0.5 x 2 you get a whole, 0.5 x 3 = 1 and a ½…Sometimes using the inverse is easier and it’s good for checking answers. If 400 divided by 4 = 100 then 100 x 4 = 400. Finally, wherever you see the = sign it means whatever is on one side is the same as what’s on the other. Work out the equation on each side first before deciding if the answer is the same.
  3. Coordinates with four quadrants is harder than what we have looked at before but take your time and use what you know to help you.
  4. Remember 50% of something is half so divide by 2. 75% is one half plus a quarter. The easiest way to work it out is to half and half again and then add the half to a quarter, but there are other ways to do it so maybe you’d like to challenge yourself by investigating this. Remember cent is one hundred in French, so per cent means parts of one hundred. How could you use 100 to find a percentage (fraction) of a number?
  5. You’ll need those Roman numerals again! Numbers that come before another need to be subtracted from the one that follows e.g. IV (1 less than 5 is 4) and numbers that come after another need to be added e.g. VI (1 more than 5 is 6).
  6. Don’t forget to check all the answers, don’t accept the first one you come across!

English: I’ve linked your writing to the Movie Murder Mystery so I’m asking you to write some reviews and maybe create a poster to go with it.

  1. Choose one film and one book (this can be one that has been made into a movie or not) and they can be ones you’ve already seen/read. Watch the movie/read the book if you haven’t before and make notes using the checklist.
  2. Use your notes to write the first draft for one of your reviews. Use the checklist to see if you’ve included everything.
  3. Today, write the second review and use the checklist again.
  4. Edit and improve your first review. Check spellings and grammar. Have you used fronted adverbials? Can you change the conjunctions or adjectives you’ve used? Does adding an adverb or changing the noun make it more interesting? Have you used a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences? Have you used Tip Top to help you separate your writing into paragraphs?
  5. Edit and improve the second review.

If you would like to, as an extra task for the afternoon you could design and decorate a poster for the movie/book you reviewed. If it’s already a movie how would you make your design different to the original? If it’s a book that’s not been made into a film yet, what do you imagine the poster would look like? Remember to use star ratings, quotes from your review and some made up ones from other people to entice people to go see the movie (this can just be one word e.g. ‘Amazing’ says Miss Eldridge, ‘Spellbinding’ says Mrs. Driver or a whole phrase ‘The best action movie you’ll see this year’ Mrs. Hall). It’ll need a tag line under the title and using a bright, bold font will draw people’s attention to it. You can hand draw it, use collage or do it on a computer, it’s your choice.

Foundation: As I said last week, there should still be some of the projects I set left and I know some of you are choosing to research topics of your own choice which I’m more than happy for you to do.

As always, I’m on email ( and Twitter (@Beech_WR) if you need help with anything. If for any reason you cannot find/download any of the documents below, then please email me so I can get them to you that way instead.

Stay home, stay safe,

Miss Eldridge