Blog of the Week from Chestnut and Cherry Class

BLOG OF THE WEEK AT SCHOOL in Chestnut and Cherry Class by Tegan and Phoebe

29/9/18 – 5/10/18

This week at William Ransom School, we had a lot of interesting and fun things happen.

On Saturday the 29th of September a group of girls went to Wilshere Dacre School for a non-competitive football-rally. The girls played really well and managed to win 4 and draw 2.

The first day of the week was the 1st of October and on that Monday, most of the school were doing tests, however, at the end of the day a group of boys and girl went to play in the Wix Cup at Weston Primary School and managed to beat them  – an amazing 8-1.

On Tuesday,year 6 were introduced to something new. Patrolling the dining room to make sure everybody is happy and eating nicely. The year 6 children were very interested and excited about this offer and have done a great job this past week.

Half way through the week was Wednesday and some of the girls from Chestnut and Cherry went to visit HGS in the morning. In the afternoon Chestnut class did an assembly on their trip to Buckingham Palace.

Thursday the 4th of October we had Harvest Festival and many children brought in lots of fruit and vegetables and at the end of the day a raffle had taken place and lucky people got to take a hamper home.

It has come to the end of the week and we started the day off with some fun maths games, PE and volunteers took turns to tell our class why we would be good School council representatives.

We also found out that we have lots and lots of hidden talents in PSHE.

In the afternoon, during register time,  we had to imagine how our P.E teacher broke his wrist but it had to be imaginative and here are some of our favourites:

How did Mr Sears break his wrist?

Mr Sears broke his arm at a circus. He was dragged on stage by a clown and made to climb up a tower and pour water on another clown’s head. He fell off the top of the tower and landed on his wrist. Reece

Mr Sears broke his wrist because he was in the Amazon rainforest looking for a football that was kicked all the way there. Then a snake wrapped itself around him and a tiger was wrestling him to the ground. Then monkeys rained down from the trees and saw his hand and tried to rip it off but Mr Sears fought bravely and only his wrist was broken. Jamie

Mr Sears was running; he thought he was about to score but oh, he tripped over his undone shoe laces and got carted off to hospital. What a great way to start the season!

Mr Sears walked slowly along the wet, watery jetty. Suddenly an octopus grabbed his wrist, yanking his arm and broke his wrist. Anusha

Mr Sears went out for a drive in his brand new flying car but unfortunately he crashed into a pond and an angry swan bit him on the wrist. Harrison

One day Mr Sears was eating cake and biscuits on his special rocking chair.  As he was munching away on the chocolate cake he was startled by that pesky cat that lived next door and as he was startled he fell back and broke his wrist. Archie

One day Mr Sears was drinking a caramel milkshake whilst his servant was mopping the floor. He put a load of honeycomb on the table. Mr Sears had never seen honeycomb before. He was so startled he fainted and broke his wrist.