Charity walk to raise money for Claire Lomas’ charities

Claire Lomas is taking part in a bike ride covering 400 miles of England -using her handbike Herbert. She is stopping at schools and organisations along the way to talk about her story. We were extremely lucky to be one of the few schools she visited in Hertforshire.

Claire Lomas, from Leicestershire, lost the use of her legs after a horse riding accident in 2007. She is now paralysed from her chest down. Claire told us about how she has to be careful with many day to day activities that we take for granted e.g. not burning herself while washing.

In April 2012, Claire completed the London marathon course. It took her 17 days in total and she managed it with the help of a specially designed robotic suit. The suit was strapped to her body and operated by a watch like device which she had on her wrist. She told us that it took a lot of concentration to operate as she needed to watch her feet touch the ground as she could not feel them.

To help raise money for Claire’s charities (Spinal Research and the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation) the School Council organised a charity walk. As a school we wanted to match the 400 miles Claire is cycling by walking around the school field. On Thursday 2nd May, each class took part and were given 30 minutes to walk or run around the 1/4 mile track. The weather was beautiful and the children were amazing with us walking a fantastic 510 miles between us! We also managed to raise £610 which will now go towards Claire’s charities helping her hopefully reach her £100,000 target.

Thank you for your generous donations!
The School Council