Cherry and Chestnut Home Learning w/c 13th June

Hi everyone,

Remember to get in touch by email if you have any worries, problems with work or concerns that we can help you with.

Here are some examples of work sent to us this week. Ellie even managed to spot a hedgehog after we learned all about them a few weeks ago. I’m not sure who was more excited – Mrs Hall or Ellie!

There are also some super Zentangles – I think we all agreed that this is so good for some mindfulness time.

Some people are discovering they have new talents. Look at Georgie’s spectacular photograph!


We have seen some fantastic Big Writes and Poems from your work this week. Remember to read lots: Fiction Express, First News (use the News tab in the school website to download it each week) and you could also borrow e- audio books online from the local library. This is a particularly nice way to wind down before going to sleep. You need your library card number and pin (usually set as 4 digits – month of birth and last 2 digits of your year of birth) then you download the Borrowbox app and you can download the e-books for free.

Task 1 – Reading Comprehension – Are Video Games good for children? Who knows? This might give you some strong arguments to help you convince your parents you should have more time on your video games! It might do the opposite though …..

Answers are at the end of each one. Choose your own level.

Task 2 – Spelling activities from Spelling Booklet 6. Pages 16-21

Tasks 3, 4 & 5 can all be found in the booklet below. Work your way through it or choose the sections you like.

We have found this rather fun Talk4Writing booklet all about the Rhiswanozebtah. If you want to know what one of those is (and I know we did), click on the link below. This booklet is packed full of English skills we learn in school in Year 5 and 6: – reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

If you create your own animal, please do send us a picture and some information about it so that we can share it on the website.

At the end, it even includes instructions on how to create a mini-book. Enjoy!

Mrs Mitchell’s Maths Group

Please follow the same work as Mrs Wheat’s maths group but if you find this too hard, please let me know! Set yourself a time limit of forty five minutes and don’t get stressed if you can’t answer all the questions on the sheet. Some of them are very hard. Good luck!

Mrs Wheat’s Maths Group

Well done to everyone for all your hard work. Even if you are doing 2 days of Maths in school, I would like you to continue with Maths on the other days of the week. Don’t forget the extra challenge on Friday – I’m sure you all enjoy it. I am continuing to set 2 Mymaths tasks each week too. The video tutorials can be found using the link below:

Mrs Hall’s Maths Group

Just the same as last week, I’m including Oak Academy and White Rose resources for you to choose whichever you prefer; if you are unsure about Volume, definitely watch the Oak Academy tutorials first. The White Rose PPTs mean that you don’t have to print up the worksheet and can just record answers in your book. It’s up to you – whichever you prefer.

I will set Mymaths but, again, you do not have to do it – I’m including it because some people love it. It’s lovely to hear how much you are enjoying your maths. Don’t forget Friday’s maths challenge on White Rose too. Enjoy!


This year, in French lessons, we learned how to say and understand the time. Watch the film below and listen out for the times you learned. You may also hear some other words you remember. Bonne Chance! Good Luck!

Here’s your second film for the week. This one is all about greetings. This is revision from your very first lessons in Year 3. You should recognise a lot! You will then get a tour of Marseille.

History/ DT

Your task this week is to create an Ancient Greek shield. Read through the Powerpoint for some information about Ancient Greek Warfare and get some inspiration for designs. It could be as simple as using a flat piece of cardboard or you could use the film below if you want to be really scary! However, if you use a glue gun, make sure you work with an adult.

Don’t forget to send us a photo. You could even dress up as an Ancient Greek soldier with your shield and we can show everybody on this page of the website.


This week, work through Session 3: Dare to take risks

Year 5 & 6 PHSE

Please tackle these tasks in the correct order.

1. Copy and paste the code below into your web browser to take a quiz to see what you can remember from last week. (Only do this once.)

code: 493835

2. Watch this video:

3. Read through this information sheet about coping strategies and resilience:

4. Fill in this sheet with your top 3 coping strategies:

5. Watch Liam teach you Box Breathing:

6. Test your resilience challenge explained:

7. Final summary of this week’s PHSE by Liam:


This week for Science, we’d like you to explore the fabulous home learning resources available on the STEM website. Unfortunately, we can’t download them for you due to copyright restrictions, but you are free to download your own copy to use at home. There are ten mini experiments to choose from: Can you balance a stick? Can you thread an ice cube? Can you make an alka seltzer rocket? Have a look through for one which appeals to you and for which you have the right equipment. Happy experimenting!


We started using this resource last half term and now we would like to finish the whole unit as the lessons to be learned are so important. The instructions and weblinks for this are all in the document below.


Banksy style stencils. Go to the link below and enjoy! Don’t forget to share your work with us – we love to see it!