Class 2 go back in time to The Crimean War

Class 2 visited Florence Nightingale Museum in London to support their history work on Famous People. They ‘met’ Florence Nightingale and she told all the children about her life during the Crimean War.

Once they had all wandered round the museum some children had the opportunity to dress up in Victorian costumes.

Everyone had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

These are the thoughts of some of Class 2 following their day out:

Jasmine’s thoughts:

Our first activity was to sort out the different food they had in the hospital. We saw Athene in a glass cage. Athene was a baby owl found by Florence Nightingale, she rescued it from some boys who were teasing Athene.

Florence Nightingale told us all about her life. She said that 3000 people went on a ship to have their injuries mended.

I thought it was a really fun day. My best part was learning information from reading information through a hole.

Stephanie’s Thoughts:

We went to the Florence Nightingale Museum. My best part was going on the coach because we went all round London and saw the London Eye.

Florence Nightingale saw some boys being nasty to a little owl so she picked it up and took it to her house. It became her pet and she called it Athene.

Florence Nightingale was a nurse and she worked in a hospital. She helped lots of men in the war if they were ill. She was also called the Lady of the Lamp because every night she walked round the house with a lamp looking at all the people to see if they were alright.

Oriana’s Thoughts:

We went to find out about Florence Nightingale’s Life. Ladies couldn’t work but Florence wanted to be a nurse. Her parents told her that she couldn’t so she didn’t. But a few years later her parents changed their mind and let her become a nurse.

She read in the newspaper that there was a war in the Crimea so she sailed there. Some men were injured so she went to the hospital. She was amazed because it was so disgusting and the men couldn’t go to the toilet because it was so dirty. Florence tidied and cleaned it all.

There was a boy who broke his leg and he had crutches like Harry did. She put him in bed and gave him some food and he got better.

I liked the day. I liked Florence Nightingale’s talk and I was very happy. I would like to go again.

Sam’s Thoughts:

Yesterday I learned that Florence Nightingale had a sister and she called her Pop for short. We saw some weapons they used in the Crimean War. We saw a sword and 2 rifles. We saw Athene, a real owl that was stuffed and on the moss walls there were little holes you could look through to and get pictures of what happened during the war. One picture had a picture of an elephant that had been shot.

When Florence arrived at the hospital she saw that the food was bad so she changed it and made sure they had good food like vegetables and fruit.

My favourite part of the day was looking at the weapons like the rifles and swords because I like fighting at home with swords.