Class 5/6A’s Visit to Buckingham Palace

Class 5/6 A thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Buckingham Palace last week.

On arrival, we were all taken through security (feeling a little like we were at the airport!) before heading through the palace towards the learning centre. Here we met our guides who split us into two groups and then led us out to start our tours.

During our walk, we looked at a range of portraits, all of which focussed on children who had lived at the balance at sometime or another. We then had an opportunity to see some of the toys that royal princes and princesses have played with over the years. The replica of James Bond's Aston Martin (a gift to Prince Andrew as a boy) proved one of our favourites!

After exploring some of the other rooms – and discovering one of the Queen's secret doors – we made our way back to the learning room where we jotted some ideas down to use later, back at school, in our creative writing.

Walking back through the gardens, we made our way out and over to The Royal Mews. This is where all the royal carriages are kept and where the horses reside. Whilst we were there, we met two of the horses, saw many of the coaches (including the one made especially for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee) and learned about the Queen's coronation in 1953.

We had a wonderful day and feel very privileged to have walked the corridors of such a famous and beautiful palace.