Class Blog by Harry and Roan

Roan and Harry’s Class Blog – This Week in Chestnut Class      

This week in Chestnut class we have done many fun activities including: on Monday we did some blog posts for ICT; played a basketball match in PE; on Tuesday we found out what we were doing for the Christmas show ( the idea is really good) ; on Wednesday we found out a lot of information about Kosher foods and we designed a meal; on Thursday some of the girls learned their dance for the Christmas Show whilst most of the boys played a football match and on Friday we were doing tests and it was Children in Need so we had a cake sale.                                               

On Monday, for I.C.T, we had to write some drafts of blogs about the new school building on post it notes. Then we stuck them up around the classroom. Everyone wrote comments under the blogs to tell the blogger if they agree or not. We also did some basketball in P.E that day too. Mr Sears put us into teams and we got to play matches. My team won!                                            

The next day- Tuesday- we found out what we were doing for the Christmas play and we listened to some Christmas number 1’s, and I knew which year Slade’s number 1 was! For a class display our class is making lots of Christmas single record covers.     

The day after with Mrs Mitchell we wrote notes about kosher foods- which are special food rules for Jews. We learnt that Trefuk means foods that Jews can’t eat; Kosher means the foods that Jews can eat and Kashrut means all the rules about food. Jewish people can never eat pigs or have meat and dairy together. Then we got to design our own 3 course Kosher meal with a drink.  For science we did a mock test for our SATS in May.                                                                             

On Thursday morning Pudsey Bear came into school with a bucket for money to remind us of the cake sale on Friday morning. In the afternoon, we had a music lesson and then we split up. The girls learnt a hip hop dance for the Christmas Play whilst the lucky boys got to play a football match with Mr Sears on the playground (something that does not happen very often).                  

On Friday we began the morning with a maths and spelling test. Then we had a hymn assembly followed by the cake sale. If we brought in a pound we got to buy a cake and eat it there and then J. You could have made cakes, cookies or brownies at home to bring in as long as they were nut- free.


By Roan and Harry