Final blog from Wales!

After struggling all yesterday and this morning with no internet connection and a very low mobile signal we are back in the 21st Century this evening!

I can’t believe how quickly this week has passed, suddenly we are at Thursday evening and thinking about packing to come home! Oh no, thought of trying to sort out all of their rooms fills me with dread!

We had been fearful for the weather today – the one day we really needed it to stay dry, and we were indeed lucky! We left the Plas this morning with dark clouds threatening overhead and it was raining by the time we reached Harlech Castle. But this didn’t stop us! The pupils had to use the knowledge they had learned at Caernarfon Castle to discover facts about Harlech Castle, and they were really good at that!

Today was the main chance pupils had to buy Welsh gifts and we have seen some ‘lovely’ purchases – I hope you all love the gifts bought! Of course swords, daggers and bows and arrows were confiscated! Well, what did you expect?!

By now the rain had eased off so we set off for the beach – hooray!! After our lunch there were two activities – firstly, looking for signs of life on the beach and we found crabs, cuttlefish, sea anemones and mermaids purse! After that we had a sand castle competition and I have to say that after many years of school journeys, I think we had the best set of sand structures built!

We had a great time on the beach but the skies were looking threatening again so we beat a hasty retreat and went back to The Plas.

This evening we tried something new and had a Beetle Drive! It was such fun and everyone had a great time, especially Miss Ayliffe who had never played Beetle before and could barely contain her excitement!

So we come to the end of another school journey! We have had a fabulous time! It is completely full on and there is never a minute to stop and think! I think you will find the children come home exhausted! The staff certainly will and everyone deserves their half term break! Thank you for letting us spend the week with your children it has been a pleasure!