Hamerton Zoo Park

On the 5th of March 2024, Year 2 took a trip to Hamerton Zoo Park.

We were so fortunate to be able to participate in a workshop led by the zoo’s education officer where we came up close with Monty the snake, Stevie the skunk and Nacho the armadillo and we learned some fascinating and insightful things about these animals.

After our workshops, we were free to explore the zoo in our groups. With over 140 different species of animals on site there was a lot to see. These included bears, racoons, a giant anteater, gibbons, several different species of owls, snakes, a cassowary, lemurs, wallabies, camels, alcpacas and (a personal favourite for many of us) a white tiger.

The children in Year 2 really enjoyed this trip and came away with an assortment of new information that builds on the knowledge we studied during our Animals including Humans and Living Things and their Habitats Science topics earlier this year.

We will also be using this trip as a primary source for recount writing later this week to culminate our English topic.

Enjoy some of our pictures from the trip below.