Haven’t we been lucky with the weather?

Against all the odds, we woke to glorious sunshine this morning and so it remained all day. Fortunately there was a breeze which kept us all cool but there was still the proverbial cry of ‘Have you put your sun cream on?’

Mr Hankin was our ‘Birthday Boy’ today and the children were eager to sing to him. It was quite amusing wondering when they were going to stop their claps. The more diplomatic stopped at 21 and the less kind kept going for a lot longer!

Today was the day the children had been waiting for – they knew that after a trip round Harlech Castle they would get to go to the beach. The castle is extremely imposing and the children could see lots of similarities and difference between Harlech and Caernarfon. They had a quiz to complete which focussed their attention and also encouraged them to find out lots of information.

After the castle, we visited the Castle Gift Shop where we met up with old friends. When you have been coming to the same area for 16 years you get to know all the locals!

From the castle we headed down to the beach to spend the afternoon. This was a great opportunity for children to let off steam and to tire themselves out! Some played football with Mr Seers and Mr Hankin on opposing teams! Others did some water colour painting. Some children collected shells and just had a lovely quiet time.

The sandcastle competition is always a firm favourite and this year was no exception. However, it did become more competitive with children buying buckets and spades to give themselves an advantage. Mrs Massey & Mr Hankin judged the winners and then it was time for a quick paddle – well, you have to, don’t you?

We had some sandy, soggy bottoms on the coach back to the Plas and there was time for a quick shower before dinner!

A few brightly coloured Hawaiian shirts and tops graced us at dinner and as I write this the children are all having a talk with Birds of Prey – hence I am in the library writing this blog!

It has been a wonderful week. I think all the children have had a great time, I know we have. Thank you for letting us have them for the week and for trusting us to look after them. They have all been good company and I promise you they will return home exhausted!