Home Learning Message from Miss Eldridge

Dear Parents,

I hope you’re well and have managed to survive the first couple of days of home schooling. I have set some My Maths, one for each week day until Easter, there will be a new one available each day and at the moment they expire after a week but I may change this to allow you to work through them in any order. I have chosen things they have already learned this year as revision and to prepare for things we are due to cover in the future. There are a couple of Maths activities in the Classroom Secrets home pack that may need practise on My Maths first to help them complete them. I suggest you look at lessons on timetables before you do the St. George’s day booklet and I have set work on rounding and Roman numerals to help with this too. There is a code breaker activity in the Twinkl pack that looks at fractions. We’ve only worked on this recently so as a reminder to them they need to find 1 part first before multiplying e.g. find 1/5 then multiply by 3 to find 3/5.

As for English, any writing you do could be cross curricular as research for future projects e.g. Rainforests, Anglo Saxons and Aboriginal art or maybe revision on things such as Antarctica or Teeth and Digestion. The Sound pages in the Twinkl pack will serve as a good assessment for our most recent Science topic along with the Sound test I sent home. As a practical activity, they could make a string telephone like they did in class and explain to you how sound travels. Maybe for Music they could make a drum from household items such as left over tubs or saucepans and see if they can share the patterns they were learning in Djembe drumming with you. I think between that and the Twinkl/Classroom Secrets packs you have plenty to help you do some Maths and English each morning with a foundation subject in the afternoon. Please get in touch if you need anything. I’m on my email (l.eldridge@wransom.herts.sch.uk) and Twitter (@Beech_WR).

If you haven’t already, make yourselves a timetable (I’m going to do one for myself) and don’t forget to schedule in some fun, exercise and mindfulness.

Kind Regards,

Miss Eldridge