How far can the school run?

This afternoon in glorious sunshine everyone took part in our Charity Run for Spinal Research.

Following on from the inspirational visit by Claire Lomas on Tuesday, this afternoon the whole school got involved in raising money for her charity.

Claire, who is paralysed from the chest down, is currently cycling 400 miles round Britain to raise awareness and funds for Spinal Research. We wanted to support her effort by seeing if we could match her distance in walking!

We measured out a 0.25mile circuit around the field and everyone had to aim to walk round it 4 times to make a mile. Many far exceeded the expected 4 and many ran some of it as well!

It was a glorious afternoon with lots of bright, happy faces and quite a few red ones too! Everyone was awarded a spot each time they passed ‘go’ and then got a certificate showing their total distance at the end of the day

As a school our total distance covered was 510 miles which is phenomenal. Hopefully everyone thought about how easy it was for us and how challenging Claire’s cycle ride will be for her. Aren’t we lucky to be able to do what we do?

Everyone is making a donation towards Spinal Research and we would like to make £400. Please send in a donation if you have not yet made a contribution.