Letter from the School Council

We are the School Council and we have been out at the school gates for the last 2 weeks watching the traffic.

We have been concerned about a number of different problems that we have seen and we think could cause an accident.

These are the things we have seen:

·         People driving too fast in the school grounds

·         People driving too fast in Stuart Drive and Holdbrook

·         People parking and blocking driveways, how can people get their cars out?

·         People parking on the pavement. This might not be illegal but it does stop people, especially with a pushchair from walking on the pavement. We saw someone have to walk in the road with their child.

·         People stopping on the zig zags

·         People stopping in the middle of the road or school grounds to let their child out.

·         Some small children are sitting in the front of cars without a booster seat – is your child 1.34m tall?


One major issue we have seen is when people park in Stuart Drive, anyone coming out of Bowman’s Avenue has to drive on the wrong side of the road.  This is very dangerous so please don’t stop there.

The other thing is people parking on the pavement in Holdbrook when there are laybys empty.  Please use the laybys it is much safer for us children.

We have some ideas as to how you could help us make things better:

Mrs Driver has spoken to the people at St Michael’s Community Centre. You can park there free of charge and walk along the lanes.  But it would be better if you parked at the top end of the car park away from the building.

We know the laybys in Holdbrook get very full but there are plenty of spaces in the laybys in Halsey Drive – why not use these?

Do you have to drive to school?  It is much better for all of us if we walk to school.

If we get a bigger school where will all the traffic go?  We have to try to solve these problems now!

Please take these matters seriously and we will hope to see an improvement when we come out and look at the traffic in the future.

Yours faithfully

The School Council