Naughty Bus in the Reception class

Well done everyone, a great half term with lots of new things learnt and now we are all ready for a break to get rid of colds and coughs and renew our energy for the  weeks leading up to Easter.

It was a week with two celebrations which kept us busy. It was Chinese New Year and the shoe boxes turned into fantastic Chinese dragons instead of the toys that we had thought of making. It was also ‘Shrove Tuesday’ better known as Pancake day. What better than the story of the Runaway Pancake and making pancakes to eat!

In literacy we watched the story of The Naughty Bus. You can watch it again on:

 The children worked in pairs to make up their own journeys for Naughty Bus using ‘positional language’ such as around, under, next to, between, behind, next to, in front of and over. Our ‘Big Write’ topic this week saw the children writing a night time adventure for Naughty Bus.

The children have learnt a lot about old toys over the last couple of weeks. All old toys used for our ‘toy museum’ should have now been sent home and thank you for sending them in.

After the holiday we start a new topic about houses. Don’t forget to make the most of a fine day and get the children to sit outside and draw your house. Your child could show off their photography skills and take a photograph of their house to bring in! We will use these pictures to make a ‘wall hanging’ and a clay slab house.

It was good to catch up with nearly all of you at the ‘Parents Evenings’ and thank you once again for the support you have provided for the activities we have done this term. Please read the letter in your child’s book bag and try to find some time to practise reading skills. Have a good week and fingers crossed for some fine weather to bring on spring!