Out and about in the reception class

How lucky we were with the weather for our trip to Shepreth on Wednesday! There was no moaning as we trekked down to the station. We were met by our escorts to help us on and off the train and to cross safely over the level crossing once we got to Shepreth. With our safety talk completed and snack finished the eight groups set off to explore. The new hedgehog hospital was open and much of the building work that had left enclosures empty last year were back in action and full of wildlife.

The new education centre was great and the children had opportunities to hold a stick insect, a giant African millipede, an African land snail and stroke an albino skunk. As you can see from the pictures some children were braver than others! Ask your child what they held and what it felt like and if they didn’t, why not?

Our learning this week followed on from our visit to the theatre last Friday and the children wrote about what they had seen and enjoyed. A few ‘Wow Words’ were used such as ‘I had an amazing time!’ ‘The show was fantastic!’ ?

The children made a picture of the characters from the show, learnt about ladybirds, made ladybirds and read stories about them such as ‘The bad tempered ladybird’ and ‘ The lazy ladybird’.

This is a link to a website about bugs which might be of interest as we learn more about other minibeasts over the next few weeks.


Our achievers this week were Dan for his story writing last week and Eleanor for her careful observation of colour and pattern when she made her tissue butterfly on Monday.

Please make sure that your child has sun cream on, a sun hat in school and a water bottle in school every day. A coat is needed every day as the weather in our country is so changeable. A fold up rain mac is sufficient.

As we move into a new week the children will be learning about snails. I would really appreciate some help in finding some ‘live’ snails to use in our investigative work on Wednesday. All snails to be in a pot with a lid, with some air holes in the top please!

Look out for ‘Wow Words’ and exciting ways to start a story as you read with your child over the weekend. As you can see our wall is getting taller!