Pleasing Pitta Pizzas for Class 3/4

Class 3/4 designed their own pizza companies, logos and boxes and then filled them with…you guessed it – pizza!

As part of their unit on packaging, Class 3/4 designed their own pizza boxes which they had to carefully cut out and fold – quite a challenge for some!

The final results looked great and then final product which went in them, tasted great too!

The unit continues with the children now having to design and make their own boxes from scratch, having to carefully draw a net and think about how it will fold together and stick – or if it will have a see-through window.

However, to finish this unit off in style, the class are off to Pizza Express to see how the experts do it! Each child will get to make their own pizza. What an opportunity. No wonder we had lots of volunteers to help out with free pizza on offer!