Reception children explored the dark this week

An exciting week as the children explored the dark by sitting in the unlit ‘dark den’ and then added different sorts of lights. We talked about sources of light, learnt about nocturnal animals and about fears of the dark as we heard the story of 'The owl who was afraid of the dark' by Jill Tomlinson and Tom’s Afraid of the Dark by Beth Robbins. The children’s favourite story was ‘Can’t you sleep little bear’ by Martin Waddell. You can watch this on 'You Tube'.

In phonics we have learnt the ‘th’ sound that many children get mixed up with ‘f’. We have been practising our blending of sounds to read and spell words.

In PE we did dancing with ribbons. The children learnt some ‘traditional’ moves and made up some of their own. There were a few tangles which were a challenge for the adults, however a full 40 minutes of non-stop movement was great exercise and a few were really puffing!

In maths, addition had further practise and the children used the balances to compare two objects by sorting into heavier and lighter.

The Divas were finished, we lit them and sung a song about light and they are now in book bags and need to remain at home.

Next week is Road Safety Awareness week and we are having a visitor on Tuesday morning to talk about road safety and will follow this up in our lessons next week.

We hope to see all of you supporting the annual Winter Wonderland tomorrow. This is one of our big fund raising events of the year and the SPA have worked hard to organise lots of fun things to do and buy at the event. You can still help by making cakes, helping on a stall and of course, and coming along with your child to spend money!