Reception Learning: Week beginning 29th June 2020

Another week has flown by and the children continue to work hard and play hard whether at home or at school. The glorious weather has been delightful and the children have been very sensible. Please continue to send in sun hats, water bottles, a fruit snack and apply sun cream if the warm weather stays with us.

The planning format continues as in previous weeks. It has been wonderful to see how creative and inspired the children have been with the space topic and now we are moving onto Elmer the elephant as our focus, so if you have any of the story books you may want to dig them out and look at them again at home!

Literacy: Folder contains planning and resources

Maths: Folder contains planning and resources

An art activity mentioned in the planning is to draw and colour or paint a picture of some elephants at the ‘Elmer Day Parade’. Then if you would like to you can send a photo of your pictures to put on the Reception Twitter or website. You could paint a picture of Elmer or colour Elmer on your computer and print it out (open the file ‘Elmer’ and select the paint option). Excellent for practicing mouse skills.