Road Safety in Reception

Road Safety Week was the focus of our ‘Understanding the World’ learning this week.

We looked at: King of the Road
and Supersafe with Superted on:

We talked about what ‘traffic’ is and safe places to cross the road. The children enjoyed looking at this website:

On Tuesday a lady from the Herts Road Safety team led our learning. Parents were invited in to join their children for assembly and to practise crossing the road with them. This was followed by role play and designing road safety posters and pictures.

On Thursday afternoon Mrs Delaney took the children out in special reflective jackets and practised crossing the small roads near school. They thought about where they should walk on the pavement, away from the kerb and the road, with their adult nearest to the road. They looked at where to stop at the kerb and crossed the road holding an adults hand, looking both ways before stepping off the kerb and to continue looking and listening for traffic until they reached the other side. Please make a point of actively involving your child in crossing the road, reinforcing what they should be doing.

In Literacy we talked about Christmas and read the Christmas story. We used  ‘Tagxedo’ to make a picture of a Christmas tree containing vocabulary associated with Christmas.

We spent the maths lessons learning to add up 2p and 1p coins. The children learnt how to count the 2p twice and used the money (!p and 2p coins)to pay for items in the shop. This is an area to practise at home and certainly one which we will revisit early next term.

Our first dress rehearsal is on Wednesday so please make sure that all costumes are in school by Tuesday 1st December or tell us if you are having difficulties finding a costume so that we can source something for your child to wear. Your child has their individual sentence to practise saying slowly, in a really loud, clear voice and you now have all of the songs. The singing is going well. Because they are well known tunes they are easily learnt, however everyone needs to learn all the songs. The performance to the school is Wednesday week and to the parents on the afternoon of Friday 11th December.

We will keep you updated on any Christmas arrangements but if you have any questions just ask!