School Journey Blog – Tuesday’s Adventures

Martha’s Thoughts

Today we went to Caernarfon castle. We split into two groups and had a tour of the castle each. Our tour guide showed us the entrance of the castle they weren’t there now but she showed us where the draw bridge was and she showed the murder holed where the used to pour boiling water or even boiled wee! Yuck. Then she showed us up one of the ten towers it had a spiral staircase which we had to climb. Going up was scarier than going down but going down was just as scary.

After the tour we did a town tail. We split into our four groups, Conwy, Criccieth, Harlech and Caernarfon. We had to look for thing around the town like statues and dates, Welsh spellings for English words and English word in Welsh. Once we had to look for an exchange rate. We searched all over to answer 20 question, 13 pictures and load of words to find. When we got to question 19 we got to have an ice cream each. When we got back to the castle we went to the gift shop. All in all it was a great day out.

Maddy’s Blog

My blog is about the ‘Town Trail’. After our tour around Caernarfon Castle in our work groups we had to walk though the seaside town, answer questions about the places we visited and look out for the pictures of specific things in Caernarfon! Also we had to look at sign and street names to fill in a ‘Welsh to English dictionary’.

We started off by filling in the questions about the town and started to find the things in the picture but unfortunately someone drop some of the pictures on the beach! Also the steps to get them were closed off and we hadn’t found any of the things in the pictures! After that we had an ice cream/ ice lolly and sat on the wall looking at the sea.

On our way we saw St. Mary’s Church, the sea (obviously) and a massive anchor. I think our group did quite well and managed to do the task as a team.

Lizzie’s Thoughts

Today we went to Caernarfon Castle. I was in Group Harlech with my best friend Martha, and Mrs Draper was our Group Leader. We went on a Town Trail in which we had to find certain things from pictures, find out words in Welsh and answer questions from places we saw on the walk. Me and a couple of other people ha d sheets of paper with pictures on and some of the others had maps which we used to get around the streets.

First we split up, and I found two of my pictures – one was a spire on a church, and the other was the mast of a ship in the harbour, as we were near the sea. Soon after we stopped at an ice cream van to cool us off, as the weather was boiling! I had a bubble gum flavoured one which was really sweet and delicious. We then carried on and looked for some more pictures. Afterwards we went to the gift shop, in which I bought a hair band made from a plait of material in the colours of the welsh flag- red, white and green. Finally we sat down on the castle wall and sketched a piece of the castle that we could decide on ourselves. I chose to draw one of the arched windows, which turned out quite well!

I had a great time and really enjoyed the day.

Henry Mc Writes About His Day

When I first thought about Caernarfon castle, I thought it will be quite boring. I was wrong. It was brilliant because we found out things like; if you see a fireplace it means that a knight or a rich servant lived there, a ledge means that there was another floor on top, if you see a couple of holes in the wall (in a straight line) it means a supporter was there. I was astonished by the fact that the arrow holes looked like one hole on the outside but for one on the outside, there were three on the inside.

Did you know that Caernarfon castle is actually an English castle? It was built by King Edward the 1st in the thirteenth century, when Britain invaded Wales.

We had a tour of the castle and even got to go up the Eagle tower, but it was too high for me!

Hannah’s Blog

This is my blog on the town trail. Today we went to Caernarfon castle and did a town trail. It was very good but a bit tricky. We had to answer questions about different things in Caernarfon town. We had to find words in either English or Welsh and then translate them into the opposite language. We also had to look for the objects that we had the pictures of and write a description about it. I personally found that section the easiest.

My group was Criccieth and we were with Mrs Driver as our group leader. It took us about an hour and a half to complete it but then we eventually finished. After about 3 quarters of the way through we stopped for an ice-cream. I had a lovely flake 99 ice- cream and it must have been the best I have had in ages, especially because it has been so cold recently.

After the town trail was over we went over to the shop and I bought a fascinating pen. At first I didn’t think it was working but then Mr Mills got it working. My day was very exciting and interesting and there will hopefully be more fun things to do as the week goes on.

Adam Concludes Today’s Thoughts

We have just been to Caernarfon castle, which was built by Edward the first .It was really fun. When we got there we had a tour with the guide she was very nice. It was interesting how they stopped attacker getting in, by positioning murder holes above them and dropping things like stones hot water and even their own urine. After that we went on the town trail. We had questions where we had to find the answers to around town there were also pictures we had to find. We also had to fill in a dictionary between Welsh and English it was really fun but tiring half way through we had a delicious ice cream. We then went to the gift shop I bought a pen for my brother and bought a soft ball and a metal figure for myself. Then we then started driving back to the Plas.