Science Week Launch

Science Week 2020 was launched on Friday with a presentation and demonstration based on this year’s theme ‘Our Diverse Planet.’

In the whole school assembly, children heard about what makes our planet so amazing and the diversity on it; from landscapes to animal life, materials obtained from it and products created and the weather subjected to it.

Science Co-ordinators, Mrs Burr and Mrs Gunn then focused on the impact we are having on the planet in the form of climate change. More storms are causing regular floods, forest fires are more frequent and ferocious and the icecaps are melting at an alarming rate.

This led on to the experiments! The children we shown the actual tip of an iceberg and how the majority of it is underwater. They also saw how they melt and could relate this to the impact of rising sea levels.

For the finale, Mrs Burr got her blow torch out to demonstrate the irreversible change of burning. However, this was with a twist as the materials burnt then lifted into the air. More science to explain! (The teabag is a cylinder and when you burn it from the top the tube fills with hot air and lifts – like a hot air balloon.)

There will be lots of visitors this week into school carrying out assemblies and workshops as well as additional ‘Diverse Planet’ experiments in classes.

Food colouring has been poured in the iceberg to show the melting water running down.
Burning is an irreversible change.