The Summer Musical

William Ransom has long had a tradition of ‘The Summer Musical’ This has been performed by pupils in key stage 2 and no-one is ever turned away. This means we regularly have over 100 pupils taking part in our summer shows.

We have always been proud of the fact that we put on a full scale musical. We don’t shy away from solo performers and there are high expectations on all those taking part.

This is a chance for different people to shine, and shine they do!

From the early days of The Charcoal Burner’s Son, performed in 1984 and every year since then, Mrs Driver has directed the summer show. With a keen interest in amateur dramatics and a love of musical theatre, she has inspired many children to pursue their own love of performing.

Together with Mrs Mackilligan who has worked with her on the summer shows for the last 20 years, and more recently Miss Hallahan, Mrs Driver is keen for this tradition to continue.