The William Ransom Orbit

I am sure many of you have heard the song The Christmas Alphabet! Well, for my piece for this edition of The Orbit, I have decided to write The William Ransom Alphabet!

W is for Welcome, which is how I hope everybody feels.
I is for Imagination, which we want to explore within us all.
L is for Listening. An important skill we all must develop.
L is for Learning. The reason we all turn up every day!
I is for Independence. Something we encourage everyone to develop throughout their time with us.
A is for Achievement, which is what we are all striving for!
M is for Motivation, something we all need to help us perform to our true potential.
R is for Respect, one of our school rules and values.
A is for Adventure. We hope that every day is an adventure through learning.
N is for Nurturing, something we hope to achieve with all our pupils.
S is for Study, it’s what we come to school to do!
O is for Opportunity. We hope that everyone makes the most of every opportunity presented to them.
M is for Magnificent! We are all very proud of our magnificent school building!

2017 has been another exciting year in the life of William Ransom, lets hope 2018 is just the same!

If you would like to try to write your own Acrostic poem for William Ransom, I would love to see it, so why not have a go and bring it to me after the holidays?

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Mrs Driver

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