The William Ransom Orbit

I can’t remember a summer term when we have had such a lovely long spell of good weather, it does make the time pass so much quicker. It has also given me a chance to look at our outdoor environment and think about how we can make better use of it!

I am delighted that so many classes make good use of the Daily Mile; it certainly helps me to wake up in the morning and I am definitely more productive as a result. It would be lovely to have more families joining us on the mile on a Wednesday morning, well done to those of you who do it on a regular basis! It was great to have parents and grandparents joining us for the Silver Mile which was intended to promote a healthy lifestyle in the local community.

It has also been good to see a renewed interest in skipping. This is another way to increase our heart rates whilst having fun. The Skip to be Fit Day was a great success! 

We are lucky to have such a beautiful school site – there are many schools around the country who don’t even have a field, so we must make sure we make the most of it! The outdoor table tennis table is well used as is the outdoor play equipment. It would be good to extend these facilities so if you have any ideas, come and talk to me!

Mr Carmody is also keen to develop the outside landscape and is gradually working round the school tidying the raised beds as he goes and replanting some of the overgrown areas. All of this helps to keep William Ransom looking neat and tidy!

I hope you all manage to get out and about during the summer break and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures when we return in September. Good luck to the Year 6 as they move on to Secondary School and I hope you all have a lovely holiday!

Mrs Driver 

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