Welcome back!

Early morning child initiated play has been full of chatter, sharing news and telling jokes, a new addition to their social interaction. The children have obviously been inspired by all the ‘cracker’ jokes that they heard over Christmas!

Our writing this week started by retelling news from the Christmas holiday. We moved on to writing speech bubbles from the stories they heard. It was really good to see them using their own imagination and not just using words from the text.

The introduction of a ‘Helping Hand’ has focused the children towards achieving the written targets on the hand. Everyone has tried really hard and you now have one to use at home.

The children are working hard to develop their spoken vocabulary. We had three words on our ‘Wow Word’ wall and added another four as we ‘brainstormed alternative words for ‘big’. Isabella and Callum were our ‘Word Wizards’ this week!

As part of our work on spoken language some of the children acted out the story of ‘The lion and the mouse’. The adults used the masks and modelled how it could be done which caused rather a lot of excitement! The children’s attempts were quite creative as this was their first attempt at adult initiated drama. The more familiar stick puppet plays also went well as our Christmas grotto transformed into a puppet theatre. If your child has not involved you in the acting out of the story with their stick puppets, have a go this weekend!

Maths has been a revision and consolidation week, to assess the needs, which will form your child’s targets. Next week we move forward into the more formal recording of subtraction using blocks to help with our calculations .

Please remember your baby and toddler photos for ‘Show and Tell’ on Monday. Bring them in an envelope and don’t let your child show everyone before school as we play a ‘match the baby to the toddler ‘game. If you do not have them printed out you can e-mail them to me on- ann.light@wransom.herts.sch.uk .

Due to changes in our timetable to fit in with the rest of the school, Show and Tell will move to Tuesday afternoon for the rest of this term.

We have a new boy called Raphael joining us on Monday. He has just moved into the area so I am sure that everyone will make him feel welcome.

On Monday morning we have a man from the Road Safety team coming to talk to us. This is a follow up to the work we did last term and 1R will be joining us.

Once again, just a reminder that I am always here if you have any questions, problems or anything that you think that I need to know about your child.

Have a great weekend. My fingers are crossed hoping that snow is not on the way! The children I know are not sharing my sentiment!