Welcome to 17 new children in Oak class

Seventeen new children started school in Oak class on Monday. They have had a great week, settling in well to the new experiences that school life offers. Mrs Driver was so pleased with the way that they had all settled in that she gave them a class achievement certificate.
    Next week we are joined by 13 new children to make us into a class of 30. Please return your form opting into allowing your child's picture to be used on the school website and we can post some of the photographs to show what they have been doing.

      We would ask you to encourage your child to come in by themself on Monday to avoid the congestion of 13 new children with their parents.The new children can be collected from outside the reception wooden gate at 13.00 next week. The children who are staying all day can be collected from outside the classroom and, if they are going to after school clubs, we will take them to the dining room ready for collection.

Have a lovely weekend.