William Ransom V Whitehill

A Team

William Ransom played took part in a netball match against Whitehill on Wednesday 19th March. Both schools were eager to play and keen to show their skills for the netball season.

As soon as the match started, both teams showed excellent netball skills. Plenty of opportunities for shooting took place and both schools scored equally to begin with. It was clear that this was going to be a close match with three goals each for both teams in the first half! Excellent shooting from all the girls today, especially Ellen and Rebecca who scored some amazing goals! From all the determination to win, Maddie unfortunately fell and scraped her knee. She played brilliantly and was replaced with Rachel who had come off court in the role as ‘scorer’. Well done to Rachel for stepping in! In the second half, William Ransom had scored an additional two goals and Whitehill matched this achievement. It could have gone either way, depending on the whistle as William Ransom scored an extra goal. However Whitehill were quick to respond and also scored!

It was a very exciting and nail biting match due to the enthusiasm and skills from both teams. The last friendly game of the netball season and it ended with a smile. Well done to Ellen, Annabel, Lauren D, Rachel, Zoe, Rebecca and Maddie for their team effort!

In the end the score was 6-6 and a deserving draw for both William Ransom and Whitehill.

B Team

The B Team who had been watching intensively at the excellent A Team match, were keen to come onto court and show their skills for last friendly match. The B Team worked well together and were quick with getting the ball into the semi-circle. William Ransom had possession of the ball to begin with, but Whitehill did not make this is an easy task as they also stepped up. Catherine, Halcyon, Lauren P, Chloe, Emma and Katie worked superbly together and expertly planned the ball to end up in the shooting area for further goals. Rhea managed to score goal after goal and this was reassuring for the team.

It was an impressive win for the B Team with a 7-0 victory against Whitehill.

Netball Report by Miss Khela