Year 2 Home Learning Update

As we come to the end of Week 2 of the Summer Term, we would just like to say what an amazing job we think you are all doing! We have loved seeing on Twitter all the different activities the children have done and all the amazing work they are completing at home!

Some children will now be getting to the end of the Home Learning packs, given to you at the start of Home Learning. Please do not worry if this does not apply to your child, all work given has been a suggestion of activities and it has been clear through Twitter that some children are doing alternative work, which is completely fine!

To continue with suggestions for learning at home we have attached three documents; a reading pack, an arithmetic pack and a maths reasoning and problem solving pack. All of these documents contain activities the children should be able to complete and also mirror the style of questions they would be seeing in school. Along with this, there is also a parent guidance document for each one. The guidance explains the layout of the questions and gives help in supporting your child with completing this work.

For parents wanting to use this in a similar way to the other pack, our suggestion would be to complete 1 page of each booklet a day. The reading booklet is a story spread over a few pages, children may need to re-read the story to remind themselves of what has already happened, this will help them consolidate their understanding further. The maths file contains different quizzes/tests to choose from, select one and continue with it until it is complete. You will also notice in the folder that there are some ‘scripts’ these are to be used for questions that are verbal.

These three packs are in addition to the previous website post with links to the daily lessons from BBC Bitesize or Oak National Academy. These two weblinks offer daily lessons which can be followed if you choose to.

Please be reminded that these are all suggested ideas and activities and children are not expected to complete everything that has been given!

Keep up all the great work everyone!

Keep up all the great work everyone!