Year 3 & 4 Tennis Competition

William Ransom’s first entry into this competition held at Letchworth Tennis Club was a great experience for Calum, Samuel, Sophie and Isabelle.

Played on the indoor courts children entering the competition were not allowed to have played above red level at a tennis club. The children were ‘seeded’ boy 1 and boy 2, girl 1 and girl 2 and as they played each school they played the child who was seeded the same as themselves.

William Ransom played St. Christopher’s first. Samuel lost 4-10 and Isabelle 6-10, Sophie won 10-6 and Calum won 10-4, a total of 30 points for each team and a draw.

The second game against Hartsfield saw wins for Calum 10-3, Samuel 10-2, Sophie 10-2 and a loss for Isabelle 6-10 a team total of 34 points.

The last game against Whitehill saw a win for Samuel 10-2 and losses to Calum 8-10 after some brilliant rallies, Sophie 6-10 and Isabelle 7-10, a total of 31 points. William Ransom’s total at the end of the group round was 95 against 100 earnt by Whitehill who went through as the group winner.

William Ransom went through to the semi-final as highest runner up out of the three groups and met Lordship. Everyone had a really tough match except Samuel who had really found form and beat his partner 10-8. Calum’s partner never lost a service and played tennis at a really high level and beat him 5-10. Sophie and Isabelle had similar experiences both losing 5-10 a total of 28 points. Lordship went on to play Pixmore in the final and the end of the journey for the William Ransom team.

Well done everyone a completely new experience playing indoors on small courts, with sponge balls and what a great group of children to take out. They concentrated brilliantly and played with true sporting spirit winning and losing with such good sportsmanship. Thanks to the Every family and Mr. Hankin for their support throughout the afternoon.