Year 5 Peer Mediation Training

Some of our year 5 children have had an enriching and fun experience this week, learning how to peer mediate. They have learnt how to help resolve low level conflict between other children during break times, and they will be putting their new-found expertise into action in the near future.

The training took place over the course of two and a half days, and focussed on the skills of empathy, listening, and guiding their peers to find their own ways to resolve conflict.

Kimberley Humphrey, our fantastic trainer, took the children through the steps of mediation, making sure they were clear on the rules they must follow, and in turn make sure those they are mediating understand their rules too.

Lots of time was spent making sure the children became really familiar with the basic script they should follow, understanding the importance of each stage of the mediating process. This was then put into practice in lots of different role play situations, and lots of discussion was had on the different types of low level conflict that could arise.

There were lots of opportunities to play games to practice the skills of focussing and listening, and as Ranugha said, “…it is mostly about teamwork”.

There is no doubt that Peer Mediation will be a huge benefit to all the children at William Ransom. We know that the peer mediators will set a wonderful example on how to resolve conflict in a kind and respectful way.

And, in Izzy’s words, “…it will be really nice to help people”.