A beautiful day in Caernarfon

We woke this morning to a misty sky which did not give any indication of the beautiful weather which lay ahead. Most of the children were still fast asleep when we went round at 7.30 to wake them and a few grumpy faces were not pleased to see us!! However, the prospect of breakfast soon got everyone up and on the go! Everyone was in good spirits singing Happy Birthday to Mr Hankin as he came into breakfast!

Our destination today was Caernarfon so we had to away by 10.00am. That may sound quite late, but believe me, getting 6 adults and 38 children out in the morning is no mean feat! The coach took us to the centre of Caernarfon and dropped us off in the centre of the town. The castle stood before us, indomitable and impressive.

We were taken on a guided tour of the castle, climbing battlements and ramparts, up spiral staircases and down long dark passageways. Our tour guides were full of information and the children were keen to learn as much as they could.

After exploring the castle fully we had lunch and there was a bit of time to sketch different views of the castle!

The afternoon was spent exploring the town of Caernarfon with a town trail. The children had booklets and this guided them around the town. They had a wonderful afternoon following directions and finding photographs of various objects around the town. I expect the highlight of the afternoon for the children was the ice cream on the sea front and it was a great opportunity for us to catch up with old friends!

Back at the Plas this evening we wrote our postcards home, they will get posted tomorrow and hopefully you will receive them before we get home!!

There were some very tired faces during bedtime stories tonight and they were all fast asleep in no time at all! Good job as they will need their energy for climbing a mountain tomorrow!