A Day in Caernarfon

Another amazing day in North Wales!

We woke, once again, to glorious sunshine and that stayed with us pretty much all day.

There were a few bleary eyes as we made our way down to breakfast but extra helpings of eggs, sausages and bacon and everyone was raring to go.

We were to spend the day in Caernarfon today, starting at the magnificent castle. Here we had 2 guided tours telling us all about this English castle (in North Wales) and how it became synonymous with The Prince of Wales. We climbed walls, walked the ramparts and followed the corridors last occupied by the medieval soldiers. It was amazing!

This afternoon was an opportunity for the children to take control. We went on a town trail and the children had to guide their adult around the town, answering questions and identifying photographs as they went. There were new photos to identify this year which proved particularly challenging for Mrs Driver who took the original photos about 20 years ago!

This also was our second opportunity for an ice cream – we don’t like to miss this chance!

Back at The Plas everyone was ready for dinner and then there was time for a Treasure Hunt and some slate painting in the evening. In fact this is what they are doing as I write this. It is lovely to hear their excited, happy voices as they make their way round the house and garden! They all appear to be having a whale of a time and are all very well behaved! (And that’s just the staff!)

Tomorrow is another challenging day with a difficult mountain to climb between us and the train station we need to get to! A good night’s sleep is needed by everyone!