A super end to the netball season!

Over the last week we have had a great end to our netball season when taking part in the netball rallies.

Last Saturday (22nd April) the A-Team travelled to Whitehill to take part in the A-Team Rally. It started as a rainy morning with a sudden downpour, thankfully this cleared and the rest of the morning was brighter. The players worked hard to secure possession and perfected their aiming when shooting throughout their matches. All of their hardwork resulted in them qualifying for the semi-finals! This match was a tough game against Highover, with the opposition stronger than ever. Every member of the team gave it their absolute best, never letting their heads drop or play become affected throughout the game. Unfortunately, a loss for this game meant we did not progress through to the finals and finished the morning in fourth position overall.

On Wednesday (26th April) the B-Team travelled to Highover for their rally. The team arrived to be greeted by hail and freezing conditions however, they did not let this deter or distract them from their drive to win. All players again played exceptionally well, defending tightly whilst ensuring passes went to hands in an accurate and precise way. Play needed slowing at times as speed of passing combined with the wind meant occassionally the ball went out of court. After a number of wins, we progressed to the semi-finals where we faced Highover. The first half was a rocky start, with William Ransom losing 3-0 at half time. The team adopted a positive attitude and within the first few minutes of the second half we had equalised. Ending the match on a 3-3 draw meant extra time needed to be played. We scored more goals and moved through to the final where we faced Whitehill. This was an evenly matched game where marking needed to be tight and passes accurate. After a tense game, we won by one goal with a score of 3-2.

All players proved throughout the rallies how much they have improved throughout the season, showing how much their hardwork during training and in previous matches has paid off. Even though some players felt the A-Team was a disappointing result, every member of both teams should be very proud of themselves for trying their best and showing some exceptional netball skills. Well done everyone!