An exciting week for 5/6W

In 5/6W this week it has been exciting with the rehearsals for next week’s class pieces in front of the mum’s and dad’s.

On Wednesday our class were sorting out the Christmas cards. In order to organise these, they are put in to separate piles according to the class written on them. Sorting out the letters was really fun all the class’s got about 100-250 cards.

The 2 minute talks have been really exiting from topics like Turkey to Chocolate. 2 minute talks are when pupils choose a topic and make a presentation about it.

In R.E we have been making rangoli pattern. Rangoli patterns are normally symmetrical. Rangoli patterns are Hindu works of art made of rice and lots more. They normally contain flowers in the image.

That is this what has been happening this week in 5/6W. Merry Christmas !

By Ryan

Our Christmas Show

On Friday 13th the dress rehearsal for the grandparents took place.

The play ‘A Christmas full of Eastern promise’ is about a Sultan, who has eight wives, and he gets invited to a party to celebrate the birth of a baby. The invite said to the imperial majesty and his wife. This meant he had to choose 1 wife out of eight. He decided to start a competition for his wives. They had to introduce a good entertainment for his majesty to judge. Chloe – Wife 1- went first. She introduced the Ayliffian Actors. Then Wife 2- Annabel – introduced the Waving Wheat Ears of Wonder. Rebecca as Wife 3 introduced the laughing troops of Lisbon .Then 3/4 came onto the stage introduced by Amelia and performed the story Aladdin. Year 3 was next introduced by Ella. Their act was called the Snake Charmers of Constantinople. Rhea introduced Year 2 who acted out the tale of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. Amelia introduced The Khela Turkish Dancers from the Kasbah. 1/2 performed a wonderful dance and got a big round of applause. Last but definitely not least Sophia introduced 1R and they acted out the traditional story of the birth of Jesus and sang ‘Away in a Manger’