Art Days at William Ransom!

To inspire our art work at the beginning of this half term we had two very exciting days in school being visited by Henri Rousseau and JMW Turner .

Henri Rousseau turned up on the first day and he held a whole school assembly telling us all about his life and where he got the inspiration from his paintings from. Rousseau was a bit of a fibber and he liked to exaggerate what he said and did. This was also seen in his paintings. Everything was very bold and large! This was great for Key Stage 1 to try to emulate! They had a drawing workshop before lunch and then they spent the afternoon painting! We will add more examples of their work as they are finished and displayed.

The following day Mr JMW Turner arrived in school – looking a little like Rousseau! He was quite a grumpy man and we felt this was reflected in his style of painting. Mr Turner liked to ‘feel’ and ‘experience’ his paintings and he even tied himself to the mast of a ship to feel what it must be like! After the assembly this time, key stage 2 had a drawing workshop and they spent the afternoon painting a sea-scape. Some of these results were truly spectacular and will soon be up on display!

It was a great couple of days and we would like to say thank you to the SPA for funding the artist.