B Team Netball Rally

B Team

The girls were overly excited about their rally today, which is always a confident sign! The rally took place at Highover School and we were very lucky with the weather! The team formed together and practised shooting to start off the rally. WR were allocated Court 2 and began practising their skills whilst Samuel Lucas played against Our Lady and Samuel Lucas won. In the next match, Highover won against Purwell. WR played against Mary Exton in their first match and won 8-0, which was an excellent start. Katie and Geogria scored some excellent goals during this match and the team looked very strong.

Samuel Lucas drew with Purwell and Our Lady drew with Mary Exton, both with a 1-1 result. WR then played the home team of Highover and their confidence was raised by the 7-1 win. Highover then drew against Samuel Lucas 1-1. WR then played Purwell and maintained their victory so far with a 4-1 result.

The rally was delayed from a slow start and extra rotations for some matches extended this further, but the high spirits continued. WR then moved onto Court 1 to play Samuel Lucas. The team played their best netball yet and won 7-0. In their last match they played against Our Lady and won 3-1.

During the announcement of the league results, the WR team (including the parents) were ecstatic. It was a result they girls had already calculated and they were determined to win the next round.

After another delay due to further rotations on the opposite court, WR played against St Andrews, who were the runners up from their league. WR had skilful long passes, especially from Halcyon! Emma was great at catching the taller throws and scored goals easily. She was represented the role of ‘captain’ very maturely and stepped in when a required to support the team. Lauren P scored great goals in the semi-final, but fell in the second half and was off the court. Emma stepped in and the final result was a successful 2-0 win to WR. The team knew they had one match left to win the shield!

It was the final match against Whitehill. Both teams played very well and WR scored 2 goals in the first half, Catherine was a fantastic player and she really showed off her skills in defence! She sacrificed her tennis training to continue playing and this was great news for the team, as she proved to be a fantastic defender. Chloe helped the team from implementing her strong passes and she was also another good defender. Whitehill did well to stop further goals, but luckily another WR goal went in. The end result was 3-0 to WR.

Every player was a real credit to the school as they were very well-mannered and polite! A thank you to Mrs Watson, Mrs Olley and Mr Hodge who kept the team moral going right until the end!

Report by Miss Khela