Beech Home Learning 22nd-26th June

Dear Parents/Guardians and Children,

I know it must be hard being away from school, it’s certainly very strange being there without you, but I want you all to know I think you’re doing a great job. I really appreciate everything your parents are doing and how hard you are trying with your work. Everybody is different and we all work in different ways, so find a way that suits you and your family, and you can’t go wrong.

It must feel like forever since school closed, but you are nearly there, I just need you to keep going a little bit longer. There are only four weeks to go until the summer holidays and I want you to focus on how amazing it’s going to feel once you’ve finished your schoolwork for the year. Sometimes it’s hard to look forward and imagine yourself getting there, I find it easier to look back to help me see how far I’ve come so here’s something for you to think about…

Have you ever heard someone say, ‘I have sailed the seven seas’? Well, you’ll be able to say it yourself soon! Imagine that you set off on your ship the day school closed, and you’ve been on the open water all this time. You have already crossed five seas and there are only two to go! You’re so close to the shore!

Along the way, you’ve stopped at My Maths Island, and munched on stories and spellings, you’ve even captured some perimeter pirates and stolen their grammar gold! You’ve done so well to get so far so don’t give up now! Puff some more wind into your sails and off you go! Two more seas left, you’re most of the way there!

Maths: Whiterose videos and sheets (Summer Term-Week 9 w/c 22nd June) or My Maths or the Twinkl maths mystery booklet.

You could also do some research into the number seven. Did you know it is a prime number? What does this mean? Are there investigations you could do? What about the seven times table? Are there any patterns?

Q: Why didn’t 6 like 7? Answer at the bottom!

English: Sticking with the number seven theme I’d like you to do a Big Write. You can use one of the images I’ve included, use the pirate story starters or come up with your own idea for a story about the sea, but it must be set at sea and include the number seven somewhere.

1. Plan. If you like you could use one of the storyboards to draw it out first, but definitely use the story map to plan each section. You could even think of the words/phrases/speech you might want in each part. I have included some word mats etc. to help you throughout the week.

2. Opening and build up. Aim to set a timer so you can practise pacing yourself. I suggest ten minutes for each part, just writing, no editing. You will do this tomorrow. Take a break between sessions.

3. Edit and improve then write the problem. Now is your chance to check your spellings and punctuation from yesterday and make changes and improvements.

4. Edit and improve then write the resolution. When you edit today, can you add a fronted adverbial somewhere? Can you change a conjunction for a better one? Are there two simple sentences that you can merge?

5. Edit and improve then write the ending. This is your last chance to make any changes. Have you got a mixture of sentences? Do they all start differently? Have you used TipTop to help you start a new paragraph in the right place? Have you started a new paragraph for a new speaker?

If you want to you could type/write a final version of you story and add some images or illustrations.

Foundation: Computing

Thinkuknow is an education programme from the National Crime Agency’s CEOP Command. Since 2006, Thinkuknow has been keeping children and young people safe by providing education and aims to ensure that everyone has access to practical online safety information.

Follow Home activity pack 2.

Foundation: Science/Computing/Geography/History/Art/DT/Music

What can you research about the seven seas, the seven wonders of the world, the seven continents…just the number seven itself? How will you present it? It could be a PowerPoint, news report, a story, a poster, models, sculptures, drawings, a song…I’ve put some documents at the bottom to get you started.

David Beckham always wears a No.7 shirt, there are seven colours in the rainbow, seven days in the week, haikus have a 5-7-5 pattern, Enid Blyton wrote a series of books called The Secret Seven…Go forth my pirates and see what you can discov-argh!

Any written or mathematical work you do within projects can count as your English and Maths for that day so please don’t feel you have to do these things on top of the Maths lessons and Big Write. Just do what you can, when you can and do it in your own way. The main thing is that you do what makes you happy!

As always, I’m on email ( and Twitter (@Beech_WR) if you need help with anything. If for any reason you cannot find/download any of the documents attached, then please email me so I can get them to you that way instead.

With any luck, we’ll be getting together soon (in a virtual way at least).

Stay home, stay safe,

Miss Eldridge

A: Because 7 ate 9!