Botanists in Class 3

This half term Class 3 have been looking closely at plants; specifically at the function of roots, leaves and flowers.  As well as growing our own beans from seed and watching our ‘pet’ Venus Flytrap produce a flower we have been carrying out investigations with geranium plants.

One of our questions was:  Do plants need leaves to grow?  We discussed how we could find the answer to this question and thought about what we needed to do to make sure that our investigation was a fair test.  Once everything was decided, we set up the investigation and agreed that we would treat each plant exactly the same (water, light, temperature and size of pot) but remove most of the leaves from one of the plants.  We measured the plants over two weeks and recorded the results to observe how they grew over time.  It didn’t take long to see if our predictions were correct! 

On another note, our Venus Flytrap is still waiting for it's first juicy bug!