Cherry & Chestnut Home Learning w/c 27.4.2020

Great work last week everybody. Try to do an English and Maths task every day. Here are some suggestions for other subjects. Again, remember this work is to help you and not intended to cause you anxiety. Choose subjects and tasks which you think you will enjoy. Please do email your teacher if you have any questions or concerns or you want to show us something that you are proud of. We are really proud of how you are all managing during lockdown. REMEMBER your best is good enough! If you don’t get the foundation subject work done, you will not be at a disadvantage. Let’s get through Lockdown and be happy and safe and remember it as the time that you had which was special because you could play, cook, garden, cycle and have fun with you family.


Well done to those of you who did lots of the English tasks last week.  Remember to read every day. If you are running out of books, use Fiction Express – I know lots of you are already!

We really enjoyed reading the poems and stories that people sent to us and, of course, we loved the emails.  We were really impressed with the use of Standard English, the full range of punctuation and all the interesting information you gave us.  It did make us miss you all a little more but it was good to see that you are keeping well, busy and happy.  If you didn’t manage to email us last week, please do so this week as we like to know that you are safe and well.

One parent pointed out that the first question on the markscheme for the Harder Fairground reading comprehension was wrong and we completely agree!   The rite of passage would be b) An event that marks a major milestone or significant experience in a person’s life, that is very memorable to them. 

There are several options available for English this week.  We would suggest that you do some spelling and grammar (tasks 1 and/or 2) to keep your skills fresh.  Tasks 3 and 4 are very different to each other but we thought we would include them both so that you can choose what you prefer.

  1.  Spelling Practice

Easier – Year 3 and 4 Word PPT Quiz 2

Good for everybody – Guess the Homophone Riddles PPT

  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Year 6 SATs survival Booklet 1

This is called SATs survival.  Of course, Year 6, you aren’t doing SATs this year but the content is very good.  It revises a lot of the grammar and punctuation that we learn in Year 5 and 6 and that you will all need at secondary school too.  Don’t try to do it all at once.  Just take a few pages a day.  The answer booklet is included.

  •  Talk for Writing Booklet: Doors – the World of Possibility

This booklet is an amazing resource to inspire your creativity.  It has ideas for poetry, writing, comprehension, art and so much more.  You could work your way through it or just choose the activities that you like.

  • Shakespeare –  The Tempest

This online resource was recommended by a parent and it looks absolutely fantastic.  Each week,  new material will be uploaded for the week ahead, with approximately 2-3 hours of learning for each day, all based around The Tempest. Each week will cover one act of the play (the first week being Prospero’s backstory, then Act 1/Act 2 etc). Every week there will be:

  • A news broadcast with updates
  • A storytelling for that week’s act of the play (retold by theatre practitioners)
  • An online quiz based on the story telling
  • Easy to follow lessons and related worksheets for areas across the curriculum, broken down for each day (each of these days will have at least 2-3 hours worth of content for children and parents). Bearing in mind that parents and carers will be delivering most of this learning, plans are clear, easy to understand, and accessible. 
  • Video tutorials/activities/stories from theatre practitioners (for example ‘How to make puppets’)
  • Weekly competitions set by famous patrons to engage and enthuse children EVEN more!

It’s designed to be used by any child in Key Stage 2, but anyone will be able to access the resources if they click on the link below. When people – teachers, children and families –  first use it they will need to sign up with an email address and password.

PSC Tempest Online 2020

This resource went live last week but will be released each Friday.  The resources will stay up until the end of this school year for you to access at your leisure. If you use this, please email Mrs Hall, Mrs Wheat or Mrs Mitchell and let us know what you think of the resource.


Mrs Mitchell’s group Well done to the many of you who completed the work set for last week. I’ve deleted some of the tasks that you have completed previously but I’ve kept a record of this: the website hasn’t lost them! This week’s work is all about fractions and you should find it quite straight forward I think, but if you don’t, please say! Don’t forget that there are plenty of games on my maths too. Try to pick some linked to the week’s topic: there is a good memory game matching equivalent fractions and decimals. You can find it in games > matching games. One last tip: I know it can be tempting to get all of the work out of the way in one go, but if you can make yourself a goal of doing a little each day, you’ll find you remember it better!

Mrs Hall’s group  Well done everybody.  You all seem to be working really hard.  Can you please let me know how you are finding the White Rose resources because obviously I can’t see how you are doing with those tasks?  I’m particularly curious as to how you are finding the Friday Maths Challenge. This week, please tackle the White Rose questions for Summer week 2 w/c 27/4/2020.  It’s more work on adding and subtracting decimal numbers but this week they should be a bit trickier!

If you find that you race through the White Rose maths, please log in to Mymaths and do Boosters for Year 5 or Games for Year 5 or even Year 6 if you are feeling ambitious.  These are all really good practice.  I’m not going to dictate which areas to work on as you all have different strengths and weaknesses and you know for yourselves which to practise and which you are already proficient in.

Mrs Wheat’s group

I have planned for this week’s maths to run similar to last week.  I would like you to complete the lessons and sheets that can be found on the home learning, Year 6 page on the WhiteRose website.  The first two lessons are finishing off the unit of work on angles before moving on to problem solving for the next two days and ending with the Maths Challenge on Friday.  Remember to follow along with the lesson first, pausing it at the appropriate times.  These lessons explain the content of the worksheet so it is important you follow them carefully before you try to attempt the sheets.  Don’t worry if you still find things challenging after this though.  Just give it your best.  All work can be completed in your exercise books and if you have run out of space new exercise books can be found in the foyer at school for you to collect. 

In addition to the WhiteRose resource, I have also set a couple of activities on MyMaths which I will release throughout the course of the week.  Well done to everyone that has completed their work so far but there are a handful of you that have not logged on since Easter so don’t forget to complete this work as well please.  Keep up the great work everybody!!

3 Learning Clips about School – this is revision of work we covered at the beginning of the year.  There will, of course, be vocabulary and words you do not recognise but look out for words you recognise and celebrate if you can remember what they mean.
6 Learning Clips about Marseille – improve your Intercultural Understanding by learning about a region in France.  You will come across new vocabulary but also words that you have learned or heard in school.  More importantly, you will find out about French culture, customs and traditions.

Continue to play games on Languagenut to consolidate known vocabulary and learn some new words and phrases.

Computing – Online Safety

For this task, we will be using a new website: Thinkuknow is the online safety education programme from the National Crime Agency. Once a fortnight, On Tuesdays, it will produce an activity sheet to help parents support your child while schools are partially closed. 

You’ll find lots of support and advice for parents and carers on keeping your child safe online at:

This week’s task:  Play Bandrunner
Your parent or guardian can then download the link below which has a link to a film with questions for them to ask you.  This document also contains the answers so don’t spoil it by downloading it yourself. 

Once you have finished the activity, there is a Poster Design task.  Feel free to email us any posters you are proud of.


Please look at Year 6, Lesson 1 and remind yourself about classifying living things. You could amend this task to classifying all the living things you see on your walk today, or all the living things you can find in your back garden. You might want to take photos and then research some of the living things you see if you’re not sure what they are. It’s up to you how you want to record your work: you could make a table as in the PowerPoint or you might have another clever idea.


Have a look at The Ancient Greek Vase Powerpoint.

Once inspired, have a go at designing your own version.  You could use the template included or draw/paint your own.  Feel free to email Mrs Hall or Mrs Mitchell with a picture of your vase for us to enjoy.

The CGP ks2 book on ancient Greece is currently available on Amazon as a free kindle book.  This  book was recommended by a Year 6 pupil who enjoyed it greatly and learned lots. It can be read on any device with the free kindle app.

Geography – We are covering the topic ‘Weather in the News’ in Geography.  Work your way through the hurricane PowerPoint.  

If the file above won’t open, use this link which is in the Parenthub of Twinkl.

This will tell you what a hurricane is and what causes them.  It tells you know how hurricanes are measured and how they are named.  Towards the end of the PowerPoint it gives you a little information about three hurricanes that have happened in the past.  We would like you to research three further hurricanes that have happened in the past providing us with the following information in a factfile:

  • Name of hurricane
  • Date hurricane occurred
  • Location
  • Maximum wind speed
  • Hurricane category
  • What secondary effects occurred? E.g. flooding, storms, tornadoes
  • How many countries/states/cities were affected?