Class 5/6A Weekly Blog

Richard starts with an overview of the week

This week has been great in Class 5/6A as there has been a wide variety of work going on in all subjects. In Literacy everyone wrote a short story with the title `Behind the Door` and in maths years 5 and 6 have been doing some tests from 2006. They were all quite challenging!

In assembly on Friday Mrs Driver said that she wanted to create a Christmas CD to sell to parents as a Christmas present. Lots of people were excited but Mrs Driver said we must be very quiet and sing our best! We sang a few Christmas songs and Mrs Driver will soon choose the songs we are going to record for the CD.

Lots of people from 5/6A do Lacrosse on a Thursday or a Friday. Everyone who does it agrees Mrs Light is a spectacular Lacrosse teacher and lots of players hope we will reach the National Finals again! On Wednesday Dan the Skipping Man came into school and 5/6A got a chance to learn lots of skipping tricks. Some of the tricks included Pretzel skip and the Double Under. The Double Under was where you had to skip at a normal pace then flick your wrists and the rope would go round faster making a whir sound. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Everyone has had fun this Half Term and can`t wait till next Half Term which will surely be exciting and jam-packed full of stuff!

Chloe wanted to tell us all about Dan the skipping Man!

On Wednesday Dan the Skipping Man came in to help us learn how to perform different tricks while skipping. Each class had a time slot in which Dan would teach us some cool tricks. These included Hopping, Double Under, Double Bounces and many more. There was a range of difficulty in the tricks but it was very fun attempting them even if we didn’t succeed.

There was also a strange trick called Pretzel skipping. This is where you have to hold one of your legs and try to skip on the other foot and it was very tricky. We had a mini competition at the end and in my class Maddie managed 15 skips in a row!

In the afternoon we had a special skipping assembly in which individual children got to stand up and show the school what they had accomplished in their session. It was amazing seeing what some people had achieved especially as some of the tricks were very hard. A Reception pupil stood up and skipped with Dan and even managed to turn around while skipping!

Overall I really enjoyed the day and now I have something to practice at break times and lunchtimes. I hope he could come back again so I can learn some more extravagant tricks.