County Dance Festival

Reviews of the Day

Sixteen girls from years 5 and 6 woke up with an early start on Wednesday 13th March. The girls went to HGS at 7:25am and left on a coach to St. Albans with Hitchin Girls’ School and Whitehill school. When we got to the Alban Arena, we waited outside the stage door while Mrs Maydom, Hannah, Hannah, Kennedy, Amy and Georgia opened their presents we gave them!

A few minutes later, they let us into the Auditorium. I was amazed how big it was! We sat down and some of us had a snack, as we had all had an early breakfast. Afterwards, one of the ladies who was running the festival talked us through what was going to happen. Then we had tech run, it was nice watching all the dances! When it was are turn it went really well apart from the rope went the wrong way!

Next, we had a run through the finale and ate our lunch. We had to move seats and waited for the audience to come. When it was our turn to peform we did really well and nothing went wrong!

After our matinee peformance we were very lucky as Mr Mills and Mrs Light took us to Pizza Express. It was very yummy!

As we went back to the Alban Arena the year 6 girls had a picture taken outside Jack Wills… everyone was giving each other piggy backs and we were singing Lion King songs!

When we got back, it was showtime! Our last peformance went great the best had ever done it. Overall, I would rate this day 10 out of 10! Although it was a long day, it was a great experience and I wish I could do it all over again!

By Molly (Dance Captain)

I loved our day at the County Dance Festival yesterday. I think I learnt a lot about dancing and I got to experience all the different types of dancing from Jazz and Modern to Tap Dancing and Ballet. It was also a great feeling to when you had performed as you felt like you had done your school and parents proud.

We arrived at the theatre at 8:30 and we were allowed in at 8:45. We then had time to relax before the organizer of the festival came to speak to us. At 10:00 the technical rehearsal started. During this the lighting and music would be sorted out to make sure everything was perfect for the performances later in the day. It was a long wait but eventually we got our turn to go through the lighting and perform our dance to the rest of the schools.

After that we all went through the finale dance. This led us to lunch which was our favourite part of that morning! A short while after lunch, schools started to arrive to watch the matinee performance. Our school was also there supporting us which I found was a great help. However it did make me feel a bit more nervous when it came to performing. But luckily Mr.Mills and Mrs.Light were there to comfort us, along with some of the members of the Girls’ School.

After the matinee had finished we all went out for dinner at Pizza Express as a special treat. We then went out for a mini walk and took some pictures outside our favourite shops before we went back to the theatre. Next we had a short while to get into our seat before the evening performance started. My mum and nan were amongst other people I knew such as Mrs.Driver and Miss.Ayliffe. When it was our time to perform I was nervous but once I was on stage I had a great time performing for the last time.

Overall I would rate the day 10 out of 10 and I can’t wait until we perform our dance again at the HGS Gym and Dance Display in July.

By Chloe